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  • 02-08-2008
  • City:Athens
  • Looks6.0 / 10
  • Services:2.0 / 10
  • Communication:2.0 / 10
  • Reviewer:Sokratis
  • Kiss:No
  • Blowjob:Covered
  • CIM:No
  • Sex:Passive
  • Anal:No
  • Breast:Natural
  • Extra Ball:Only one allowed
  • Photo:Real picture


ok, todays guys i had a date with sarah, the pornstar!!! the meeting was so bad!!! At 22.20 i went to her hotel, she opens the door and her look was so simple and her hair pfff!!! (guys only in the movies and photos is elegant). So, she open the door and she said a Hello to me with a little smile on her face. At first i wanted 3 hours date with her and i payed 600euros...
And now the story starts. She asked me with a frozen face to make a bath and i said to her ok, we have time for that (3 hours date). I wanted to have a discuss with her first, for me most to feel more confortable, but after i saw of her side that she didnt want to discuss much (all that time she was siting far away from me).
I asked her if she have to give me something to drink, and she all is finished (she didnt have the politeness to order something!!!), we pay for all that guys... after i went to make a bath and she gave me a small towel. Again i asked her, u dont have bigger TOWEL? and she said that towels finished too.hehehe...(this is the unique time that a good office OFFER us and we pay that rates).
We went at the bed and she starts to make me a hand job really fast. AFTER she put the condom really fast and she maked to me blowjob with a really unsexy style that even i couldnt see her face. I STARTED MAKE SEX with her and she said to me to be more soft with her bcs she is not get used.. mpla mpla mpla and guys in the end i saw her face and she was so bored!!! i felt so bad and i said to her that i want to go. she wanted 300euros for this time i spend...30 minutes!!!
HEY SARAH if u dont have good mood to do that work, let it!!! go to make movies, u r really good to that!!! and i must tell something for her office...They have the resposimbility to keep the services to a good level bcs the money we pay is alot!!! dont come again here do that job sarah!!! that i have to say to u..and THE office must give me money back.30 minutes = 300euros? thats all guys, be carefull....dont stay only to pornstars, they have only the name ..better simple girls!!!


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