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  • 30-07-2011
  • JULIA-69
  • City:Athene
  • Uiterlijk10.0 / 10
  • Diensten:10.0 / 10
  • Communicatie:10.0 / 10
  • Reviewer:Thanos89
  • Kus:Met tong
  • Pijpbeurt:Bareback
  • Klaarkomen in mond:Spuugt het uit
  • Seks:Actief
  • Anaal:Ja
  • Borsten:Natuurlijke
  • Meerdere keren klaarkomen:Meerdere keren
  • Foto:Echte foto


Julia is a wonderful, wonderful girl that if treated right she will return it x10. She is really more beautiful in person than what you see at the photos above. She is amazing in sex, always trying to please you and she knows many ways to do so. I've met her more than once and every time she amazes me. At first she is always shy but once you get her warmed up she becomes a wild cat;) She doesn't like talking during sex because it distracts her but she enjoys it so much she almost cums every time. So treat her right and you'll have a really great time. Julia thank you for the good times, hope to see you soon again.

  • 07-02-2010
  • City:Athene
  • Uiterlijk1.0 / 10
  • Diensten:1.0 / 10
  • Communicatie:1.0 / 10
  • Reviewer:Thanos89
  • Kus:No
  • Pijpbeurt:Covered
  • Klaarkomen in mond:Nee
  • Seks:Passief
  • Anaal:Nee
  • Borsten:N/A
  • Meerdere keren klaarkomen:Een keer
  • Foto:Is haar niet


I had heard about Margo from her previous time in Athens and I wanted to meet her, so when she came back I sent sms on 02/02 to book her for Saturday 06/02 morning at 11:00 am. Everything looked fine, she was available and according to her agency they would sent me her hotel name and room number on 05/02 a day before our meeting. That's when things started to go wrong!! On Friday 05/02 seeing that they hadn't contacted me I sent an sms at 20:00 asking if my meeting was still on. They said yes but they wanted to change the time. Since it wasn't possible I asked a meeting for Sunday at 12:00 noon. We agreed on the change and they gave me the hotel's name but not the room number. The number would be sent to me 5 minutes before the meeting's start. On Sunday morning they sent me a new message that Margo would not be available at 12:00 and that if I still wanted to meet her she would be available at 14:00. I accepted the new change while expressing my discomfort that this should be the last change. The mood was already gone but I still hoped that Margo could make up for it. In vain. I arrived at the hotel on time and I sent a message asking for the hotel number, of course they didn't bother to send it to me like they promised. After waiting in the car like a jerk for 15 minutes I decided that this behaviour was unproffetional and unacceptable so I took off. On my way back I received a message with the room number and 2 minutes after that another asking if I would go on our meeting. Having ignored their 2 messgaes they sent a third one claiming that it wasn't their fault since there was a delay in the connection!?! Even if that was the case having caused discomfort from the continues changes they should have acted more professionaly and bother to sent the room number before I had to ask for it. No matter how good this girl might be I'm not giving my money to such a shity agency. And since they split the money I charge the girl with a bad review.sad


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