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  • 13-04-2009
  • Josephine
  • City:Thessaloniki
  • Uiterlijk10.0 / 10
  • Diensten:10.0 / 10
  • Communicatie:10.0 / 10
  • Reviewer:sokrates45
  • Kus:Met tong
  • Pijpbeurt:Bareback
  • Klaarkomen in mond:Spuugt het uit
  • Seks:Actief
  • Anaal:Ja
  • Borsten:Natuurlijke
  • Meerdere keren klaarkomen:Meerdere keren
  • Foto:Echte foto


After i read some reviwes i thought that i have to meet her to find out how she really is.Jozefine pictures are so sexy and i was eager to see how she is in real. Soooooo.Josefine simply the most sexy and hot creature I ever had in my hands!If you like brunettes this lady is physically outstanding with perfect proportions, wonderful breast, spectacular eyes, and splendid bottom!She is spontaneous,with lot of fantasy,she always smiles and she is on a good mood .The pussy, omg, is tight, very soft, wet and perfumed that I had such a great pleasure to lick her for ages.Cream - caramel sucks deeply, she will let you feel all her mouth and tongue… to die for!
She loves what she does, really enjoys it and you can easily understand and feel it. Kissing her, touching her, talking to her, having fun with her is an unforgettable experience. I am a fool because I didn’t book her for more time!!


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